Organic English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea


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Wake up to this all time classic. Our organic English Breakfast Tea is a rich, full bodied blend of Ceylon OP and Assam Tea. Our English Breakfast is a great any time of the day but is perfect to wake up to as you inhale the wonderful aroma and savour the full, robust body, leaving you wide awake and ready to go. A great coffee substitute


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Organic English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea

  • The flavour is stronger and more robust than Green Tea
  • Its rich flavour brings about a sense of alertness in the morning.
  • Depending on its maker, the taste may be slightly sweet, bitter, or malty.
  • An excellent English breakfast tea is hearty enough to stand up to milk and sugar, the most traditional accompaniments to this blend
  • This aroma of this black tea blend calls to mind the scent of freshly cut plants or vegetables, and the more fermented the leaves are, the stronger the aroma will be

Health Benefits of drinking English Breakfast Tea:

  • Improving Heart Health
  • Lowering Cholesterol
  • Promoting Gut Health
  • Reducing Blood Pressure
  • Improving Focus
  • Relaxation

Serving Recommendations:

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea

Place Of Origin: Sri Lanka and India

Store in Cool, Dark and Dry place

English Breakfasts preparation carries an added benefit: when a pot of English breakfast tea is made, its pleasant aroma often lingers in the air for an hour or two. To understand what makes black tea black and green tea green, it’s important to know that all tea originates from the same exact plant—Camellia sinensis. It’s the variety of tea plant and how the plant’s leaves are processed that defines if a tea becomes black or green.

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